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Written on February 13, 2016

The goal of this project was to create some templates for the client to be able to use and implement new content as new products are launched; modify the responsive menu to handle secondary navigation; add secondary navigation to top menu; and a few miscellaneous tasks to help with performance of the site. This was my first try with using Greensock.js, playing with key frames and animation.

Dear Kanye

Written on February 10, 2016
Dear Kanye,

I figured this would be the best place to leave this. I'm a real fan of you and your work. You are highly admired. You are also one of the most misunderstood beings walking this earth. For as bold as your ideas are, as your work is, and as bold as you are holistically, that's got to be a great responsibility. I have a great responsibility to myself and my family to be the best version of myself, as frequently as possible. My world is much smaller than yours, and you've got the whole world watching you and sometimes I think people are waiting for you to slip up. It's a real slippery slope out here young god.

I watched the reel of your work play as the Mike Jack Vanguard award was presented to you. I watched you purposely try to find the right words to say to the audience to express what this moment means and to also make sure that people note the growth that you have experienced over time. One of my favorite lines: “..and the art ain’t always gonna be polite!”, that sums up my experience as a fan of your continuously evolved work, and understanding the contradiction, that’s…eh, not really contradicting, just complex. As you closed out of your speech, you announced you were running for president. I never thought of you as a guy into politics or even a guy that wanted to influence the world in not just an artful manner but political too? But thinking of politics, in a more…how should I say this, people-oriented type of way, I guess that makes sense too. But you know what, with the way things are working out right now, I would probably vote for you. And I say probably because I don't believe this political structure will save us. It's taking everything from us, our innocence, our naïveté, our hope, our depressing levels of dependence on this system, and so on and so forth. Since we have to pay taxes anyway, I trust that you would spend our money on something to bring more unity to the world.

You were one of the first artist to make a stand boldly and claim what's yours and for your family, albeit, it wasn’t the most appropriate (sometimes people get fed up with sitting back and waiting their turns, only to not be acknowledged, I get it). I don't even remember what award Taylor swift was receiving but I do remember that Beyoncé should have received it. That was your opinion anyway. And yeah that's old news, and yes it was a little bold and fxxked up for Taylor to experience that. She basically experienced what Miss America experienced after Steve Harvey called the wrong name. No one may remember the real Miss America, but we boldly remember Steve Harvey and the first candidate that was praised. Many people learned many lessons from that moment, though a moment of weakness, it was also a moment of courage.

Really all of this shxt is dumb. The things we argue about, want to stand behind, and want to make a fuss over are quite pointless. There has always been more than one voice talking when the world’s business has been discussed. If there's more than one voice, then who's really listening and who is really working to support the unity of humanity.

You had an interview recently where you talked about moving from the idea of separatism. The way you were able to condense all this chaos to separatism, that was profound for me. Maybe you weren't the first to say it, but it's the first time I've heard that language used to express the ideals of which the western world moves and operates. I used to defend you when people talked ill of you. Like wow, are you that small to believe that Kanye is this narcissistic guy or could it be that he's had so much to say but has been oppressed and probably hasn't had the most opportunities to express frustration or emotion. Could it be that you are just human, Kanye? Now, I don’t defend at all, let the mindless roam, and the bold stay contradictory (puns).

Another point this brings me to, I never understand why people make such a fuss over other people's lives. So quick to throw a pun or say something illegitimate to gain some spiteful reaction, then play the 50 like the reaction wasn't warranted. When will there be a time when we just happily support each other. Happily congratulate and happily give. There's enough here for us all. The world would be a lot better if there was just an ounce more of morality to tend to all of our human plights. I've never heard of hate winning any battles. It's got to be a lonely feeling to be filled with so much hate, to always be on guard, to feel like you have to protect your family at all cost, which may even warrant you to harm another mentally, spiritually, physically, financially, and reputation-wise. It's got to suck to be a person that causes others so much grief. I'm pretty sure that does not translate well when you sleep at night, or when you are out with friends, or even how you do business. I can only imagine how painful the heartache must be to not be able to trust anyone. It's sad.

But Kanye, you gave us College Dropout, patented stage designs, a shoe deal with Adidas, you gave us the truth about the fashion world, you gave us a glimpse, a real glimpse at what it's like to be living the dream and still hit ceilings. You gave us the knowledge and the language and as a fan, I say thank you. You gave us Donda. I think very highly of Donda as well. Matter of fact, it's a mix of College Dropout and Donda that inspired the events that led up to Being Thirty and Realizing I Should Have Went to Art School Instead.

You see Kanye, although you get a lot of slack about the things you say and do, you still have people like me that admire you, that wishes you could mentor them, that wishes your family - great energy, positive vibrations, health and continued support from the people that have been there for you since the beginning.

I know it's got to be tough being you but from one friend to another, because now I feel like we've built a relationship. You're one of my idols and I'm not embarrassed to say that. I used to be, not sure why. But I think you are dope. With the recent moments that have happened in the last week - I get it, you are under a lot of pressure. From one friend to another, I'm here for you if you want to talk. Being a man in your position, you have to know that using social media in such a personal way is damaging. We should all be able to say what we want, but it shouldn't have to be at the expense of another human being. I'm sure you wish you could take that moment back, given the time it took you to delete all of your tweets. I'm sure you don't mean to harm Wiz or Amber. They had a very difficult relationship that I'm sure both of them are happy to be out of, but that's their business. It's a little hard to digest you talking about jumping over jumpmans and then get in Twitter and slut shame Wiz and his child's mom. That's his child's mom. Im a woman Kanye, I can tell you now you got absolutely no points from men or women for the things that were said. Now that you are a celebrity, as a creator you have to respect that you and Wiz are two different artists who both make dope music…. and have also shared sexual relations with the same young lady, who you both picked, that last detail is very important. To see the unity you speak of, and to see separatism erased and to see love, black love and black families thrive is a beautiful thing. This isn't about race but it's certainly something special to see when black people come together and thrive and are happy. We need to see more of it. That includes you brother Kanye. You have a beautiful family, you have lived a beautiful life, next time lets talk. I don't want another text to come to my phone about some op-Ed that some kid wrote about some shit that doesn't even concern him or contribute to society in a positive way. I sat in on a few discussions and listened to people vent about their frustration supporting you as an artist because of how you bash women and others. I chose not to participate because I didn't too want to be the girl that gets involved in a discussion about some shxt that doesn't concern me or even contribute positively to this society. So I sat there, had enough of hearing about the backlash of someone that gave us College Dropout and Yeezy Season 1. I chose rather to write you a letter and let you know personally that I don't agree with everything but I'm not judging you and I'm here for you. Don't give the media more than they can handle. Don't give them opportunities to break down your family, don't give them an opportunity to call you just another emotional rapper because we all know this is bigger than hip-hop, this is about art and people being able to enjoy the art on a massive global scale. This is about using art as a vehicle to bring more unity to break down class structure and to finally move past the introduction of how this society started. I support that 100%. But brother Kanye, next time...just call my phone.

Signed affectionately and admirably,


P.S. I'm working on a few projects and I would love to run a few things passed you. I don't need anything from you, but how dope would it be for you to be my mentor. I someday want to be as dope as you, if not better. Let's train up these generations that are next to come and follow in the footsteps of greatness.

Where We Begin

Written on November 17, 2015
Where We Begin is an art installation that Chavon and I put together last week. The collaboration was in conjunction with our friends at Noisy Tenants. Black Cotton is a one man play, written, directed and starring Keenan Scott. The installation (dated pre-1845) served as an additional visual aid to tell the story of the black man's evolution across seven different time periods. Chavon did most of the curating and my role was to document the process. Check out the website and video we produced to cover the process from start to finish.


Written on November 12, 2015
Check out the video below.