i make digital things

Montier Kess
passionate about curating beautiful, digital experiences
The Ivy Project is my ongoing and on-growing exploration of personal and professional passions. Coding, Cooking, Community building, Cinematography + Strategy, The Ivy Project is a melting pot of projects that represent my journey. A digital documentary of sorts, this project calls for the space to cultivate collaborations and celebrate accomplishments. Like the ivy plant, the idea behind The Ivy Project is that my work continues to grow and in an upward direction. I’m Montier, the muscle behind the brand that is The Ivy Project where my personal and professional lives unite to knock down any traditional roadblocks as I design my future into equitable partnerships and financial freedom.
In addition to my experience as an engineer, I've always had an interest in art and expanding and learning new interests that are profitable. Like seeds, my skills continue to grow and so does my creativity. What makes my work dynamic is the combination of critical thinking and problem solving skills with colorful expression that manifests both digitally, in the dark room and in my community. In the world, there is so much focus on the destination of our dreams, but The Ivy Project is about the processes that lead to success. As time moves, so will my heart through various projects that speak to my dynamic interests and talents. The Ivy Project is a portfolio that will consistently explore the question: What will she do next? This digital diary will showcase my work and me as I grow and spread like ivy.