finding the ebb + flow of my skills and experiences as an artist and engineer

My name is Montier Kess. I’m originally from Baltimore, MD and am interested in seeing and identifying the least traveled paths of opportunity + execution. In my downtime, I’ve picked up a few hobbies that have turned into sustainable service offerings - web development + photography. I’m still mastering my filmmaking skills on slow days in the studio.

I’ve done a little bit of everything in the tech + digital space. A few of my favorite titles include Systems Engineer, Enterprise Systems Architect, Lean Manufacturing Engineer, and most recently Front-End Developer + Strategist. I’ve worked in the public + private sector with manufacturing plants, digital agencies, healthcare organizations + retail + consumer goods startups.

All of that translates to this one very important point - I tend to work very well collaborating with others to identify the people, resources and other logistical pieces needed to understand how to provide not just solutions, but the most optimal solutions within the bounds of solving critical problems + missions.

For Inquiries + Future Partnerships

I am available for new projects and freelance web development needs, including e-commerce, landing pages + newsletters. I'm also available for workshops, panel discussions + speaking engagements. I love offering my perspective + experience on tech, entrepreneurship, business strategy + community activation.

Check out my strategy + production studio, SVNCRWNS, or check out my resume if you are interested in my corporate footprint.

Further Discussion

I'm currently based in Baltimore, MD - if you are interested in having a meetup - I like hot tea preferably during early mornings. Shoot me an email.